Althea as your Trustee


North High School

  • Althea has been an advocate for the North High School since beginning her role as trustee. This high school is deeply needed not only to serve the residents of Ward 3, but also to help the system achieve an overall system utilization range of 85 to 100%.
  • In 2023 there will be a large group of students entering high school, so large that CBE does not have the capacity for them all. The construction of the North High School cannot come soon enough. This high school will be at capacity the moment it opens.
  • The construction of the North High School will the first high school built in Ward 3 and will help to reduce capacity at other high schools in Ward 4.


  • Althea ‘s priority has been and always will be supports for students in our classrooms. 
  • Althea has met with all the Ward 3 and 4 MLA’s during her time as a trustee to discuss budget constraints, shortfalls, and the needs of CBE students.
  • This spring along with some of her fellow trustees and administration, Althea participated in the Student Transportation Task Force where they spoke directly to the task force about challenges in our transportation system and the funding allocated.

Policy Work

Policy work is always ongoing. Most recent amendments include:

  • Integrated Risk Management System
  • OE-1: Global Operational Expectations
  • OE-3: Instructional Program
  • GC-3: Board Job Description
  • GC-5E: Agenda Planning Committee Terms of Reference
  • GC-5E: Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Current Committees, Liaisons and Roles held by Althea

  • Vice-Chair
  • Elder’s Advisory Committee
  • ATA Council of School Representatives
  • Education Matters Board of Governors
  • Council of School Council and Alberta School Councils’ Association (COSC/ASCA)
  • Board Procedures Committee
  • Strategic Dialogue and Public Engagement Committee
  • Board Evaluation Committee (chair)
  • Agenda Planning Committee (chair)

What is the role of the Board of Trustees

  • The Board’s goal is to enable each student to complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning. 
  • It is the Board’s responsibility to monitor the CBE’s progress toward the Results and the performance of the CBE against its stated expectations. This monitoring takes place at public board meetings.