How will Althea’s campaign be funded?

As it was when she ran in 2017 before the changes to campaign finances, her campaign will be only funded through personal donations. Althea has never accepted a donation from special interest groups or corporations. The new 2021 campaign finances regulations may be viewed at: https://www.calgary.ca/election/information-for-candidates/campaign-finances.html

Does Althea belong to a political party?

Althea has never been a member of any political party. Althea believes being bipartisan is the best way to develop relationships with the provincial government as majority parties may change throughout a trustee’s term.

What does Althea want to achieve in her second term?
  • Althea believes deeply in transparency. As a public organization, it is vital that the reasons why we do things a certain way be clear and transparent. Just recently, Althea voted against her fellow trustees on making an exception to a policy because it was not clearly laid out as to under what circumstances this policy should be set aside, leaving the door open for the policy not to be followed. 
  • Continue to prioritize achievement and well-being as laid out in the three-year education plan.

Is Althea a resident of Ward 3 or 4?

Yes, Althea lives in Ward 4, and her two son’s attend CBE schools in the ward.